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Aykroyd says Ghostbusters 3 is almost a go.

POTD: J.K. Rowling’s Plot Spreadsheet for ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ | /Film

Pretty cool idea - site to resize your photo to specs for tons of socnets

AMAZING!!! Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake do a hip hop mash-up with The Roots!!!!

Civilization V Preview

Can’t WAIT!!!! 

Magellan - The 4sq & Gowalla hero! :)

Totally awesome @SesameStreet Infographic

If I had oodles of cash lying around I would so buy the Dharma bus. #Lost

The cartoons finally make sense. 

@margaretatwood gets it right on protests, Canada’s Prison Industrial System, and the true metaphor of Tory rule: http://bit.ly/9N9ZdE
– Sam Ladner (sladner)…

Amputee has leg ripped off, kicked, imprisoned at #g20 RT @communicable @goldsbie @boywithredwings http://bit.ly/ctivHE
– Sam Ladner (sladner) http://twitter.com/sladner/statuses/17861007763

Currently reading http://spacingtoronto.ca/2010/07/05/lorinc-10-questions-a-g20-inquiry-should-address/ #g20
– Shannon Stafford (Theatre_Sniper)…

Faster than anyone expected, the Police Board Chair is delivering his post-#G20 recommendations TOMORROW: http://bit.ly/b23vWb h/t @spacing
– Jonathan Goldsbie (goldsbie)…

""This is our area," insists York region cop in presence of @torontopolice http://bit.ly/bJE6wV @mayormiller #inquiry
– JerroldWL (Jerrold) http://twitter.com/Jerrold/statuses/17799020696

by Christie Blatchford’s definition, when I left the Globe and started writing for GigaOM I stopped being a journalist: http://bit.ly/cMhcMZ
– Mathew Ingram (mathewi)…